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"Level Up Your Cyber Learning: Why I Swear by TryHackMe and YouTube Premium"

Cyber security professionals are constantly learning due to the ever evolving threats in cyberspace. Two of the best cyber security subscriptions I use to keep on top of it are TryHackMe & YouTube Premium.

Foremost, a TryHackMe (THM) subscription lets me get “hands on keyboard” in various cyber security topics. You can 100% be a free subscriber and win big, Paying the few extra bucks a month lets me get a machine in the cloud, which helps while traveling or otherwise unable to bring my primary machines with me. For every beginner, THM gets your hands busy on keyboard. This is something that I feel is often overlooked in instructional learning such as colleges or universities. THM bridges theoretical knowledge to practical application. Many people retain knowledge better through doing, not just reading, and watching videos.

College hack: I often found my self writing papers on cyber security. However, this knowledge never bridged very well for me as I needed hands on experience. During my Management Information Systems classes, I was learning SQL databases. I wanted to really understand SQL as it applies to cyber security. So I used TryHackMe to help me build a lab environment for me to test the SQL injection techniques. I recorded my findings from THM and wrote an entire paper on how it works, why it works, and the implications it has on MIS and cyber security.

Key takeway:

Do it and write about it in an essay format. -include figures (screenshots) in your paper on the prompts and how it applies.

( This room really helped me understand MIS, SQL databases, and the various of SQL injection attacks that exist. Further, not only understanding them, but how to apply and analyze them.

The Power of YouTube Premium for Cyber Security Enthusiasts:

Next, is my YouTube premium subscription. Two HUGE benefits for a YT premium subscription is the ability to speed through videos at 1.75x or 2x the speed. This is useful when following tutorials, podcasts, or just general learning videos. The added benefit of no ads makes this process of “YT learning” so much faster, and less irritating. I get distracted easily, and that new YT ad can have me breaking concentration. I can also down a few videos to my phone before a flight on subjects that I am interested in. This gives me an added benefit of finding a content creator that makes videos for cyber security that makes sense to me. I can keep my attention longer, and be more entertained while learning.

YT just increases your efficiency by speeding through tutorials, podcasts, etc. Then without ads I get enhanced focus, less distractions, and streamlined learning experience.

Time is money, and my brain can’t retain everything. Speeding up the ability to rapidly expands skills, and learn a new skill or tool is highly valued by me.

I guess my next adventure is going to be making a personal AI bot, to crawl around for information, and spit out what I need to know, when I need it. -At this point, AI will just be an extension of my brain.

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